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MarchJung Hee Mun info ±

“In Minds, with Rhymes, on Lines”

opening: March 1, 2013

closing: March 25, 2013

Inspired by an old tape recorder Mun had used in her English as Second Language class, Mun assembles elements in place of an experimental approach as thoughts collected through her American experience. sound installation, short video projection, digital prints, mixed-media painting, drawing

FebruaryChristinah Rose info ±

“My Heart Grew into its Fingers While my Mind Fumbled at the Mouth”

opening: February 9, 2013

closing: February 27, 2013

AprilGabriel Delgado info ±

opening: April 14, 2012

closing: May 7, 2012

MarchLloyd Walsh info ±

opening: March 10, 2012

closing: April 9, 2012

FebruaryGwynn Griffith info ±

opening: February 11, 2012

closing: March 5, 2012

JanuaryJeff Wheeler info ±

“Jeff Wheeler's Newfangled Notions”

opening: January 14, 2012

closing: February 6, 2012

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DecemberMitchell Anderson info ±

opening: December 10, 2011

closing: January 6, 2012

OctoberNancy McGalliard info ±

“A Normal Life : a Nancy McGalliard experience”

opening: October 8, 2011

closing: November 3, 2011

In the main gallery, FL!GHT typically mounts exhibitions consisting of two and three-dimensional art products for sale. That’s how we pay our rent, and how we’ve funded something new and interesting every month for nearly a decade. Even if the main gallery features a static installation or moving projections resistant to commodification, we’ve always got the back gallery crammed with T-shirts, NSFW ceramics, stickers, sculptur...e, prints, paintings, and photos by dozens of our favorite artists. Tonight we present something completely different. Multimedia artist Nancy McGalliard is using both spaces (and other parts of the 1906 building) to create an environment of simultaneous activity. It’s an experiment in elevating the mundane or bizarre imagery she’s interested in creating. She’s a fine painter, but tonight McGalliard uses performers instead of paint to form living, interactive tableaux. But unlike a haunted house, FL!GHT is always free, and so is the beer (thanks to Freetail Brewing Company). Time-based booze and art unite tonight. Contact umlemo@gmail.com if you want to be part of this performance.

SeptemberTimothy Lefkowitz info ±

“Light Matters”

opening: September 10, 2011

closing: October 3, 2011

Tim's first Solo show. He killed it.

AugustBryson Brooks info ±

“50 dolla make ya holla!”

opening: August 13, 2011

closing: September 5, 2011

woah, dude. Paintings starting from 50 dolla.

JulyVincent Valdez info ±

opening: July 9, 2011

closing: August 8, 2011

JuneSarah Stevens info ±


opening: June 11, 2011

closing: July 4, 2011


May“ZYMURGY! ”info ±

opening: May 14, 2011

closing: June 1, 2011

A fermenting show of wild proportions. Explore the art of Homebrew. Live brewing performances Beer Tastings from around Texas Beer as ART ART as Beer? Zymurgy! 4 events! May 14 2011 - Opening! (Grain Mandala & Brewing Performance!) May 19 2011 - Brewing the Mandala! & Local Texas Beer Tasting! May 20 2011 - Beer is Art - Art Bar (Local Texas Beer Tasting @ Zollie Glass Studio, 1428 South Presa) June 01 - Drinking the Mandala - Drinking the Beer - Drinking

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AprilEd Saavedra info ±

“Artist in Residence.”

opening: April 9, 2011

closing: May 9, 2011

The artist will be taking up residence in FL!GHT Gallery for one month. Come watch him work and buy his raw materials for your collection or own art-making purposes.

MarchWayne Gilbert info ±

opening: March 10, 2011

closing: April 4, 2011

FebruaryAlbert Alvarez info ±

“Albert's Sexy Show”

opening: February 12, 2011

closing: March 7, 2011

DecemberSam Giesey info ±

opening: December 11, 2010

closing: January 3, 2011

November“Its All Public Now I Suppose”info ±

Megan Harrison & Mat Kubo

opening: November 13, 2010

closing: December 6, 2010

October“Felicidades Mexico”info ±

Otis Ike & Ivete Lucas

opening: October 9, 2010

closing: November 8, 2010

Lucas and Ike will show new works focused on the disruption of Mexico and the roles of the Mexican and American peoples. The exhibit will feature several photographs and a video broadcasting a sequence of images juxtaposing drug cartel prisoners, excess, and celebrity.

SeptemberWesley Harvey info ±

opening: September 11, 2010

closing: October 4, 2010

JulyGyan Shrosbree info ±

“The Suspects”

opening: July 10, 2010

closing: August 9, 2010

JuneJames Cobb info ±

“With Ants”

opening: June 12, 2010

closing: July 5, 2010

May“Impromptu Complete”info ±

Judith Cottrell, Jayne Lawrence, Enrique Martinez & Alex Rubio

opening: May 8, 2010

closing: June 5, 2010

AprilKerri Coar info ±

opening: April 10, 2010

closing: May 3, 2010

March“Are you ready for Fiesta? ”info ±

Andy Benavides, Alejandro Diaz, Franco Mondini-Ruiz & Chuck Ramirez

opening: March 11, 2010

closing: April 5, 2010

February“Cronyism”info ±

opening: February 13, 2010

closing: March 8, 2010

CRONYISM. Statement* Hey there. Um. I’m Jeremiah, the curator of “Cronyism.” It’s…well it’s kind of hot in here…does it feel warm to you? Jody…Jod…could you, yeah, could you turn down the, turn up the air conditioner a little. Thank you. So, as I was saying, I’m Jeremiah. You can call me Mr. Teutsch if you feel like it, or Jerry is very popular these days. Anyways I curated the show “Cronyism” which is up at the FL!GHT Gallery and opening on the Second Saturday of February, which is the 13th. Yes. From 7 to 10. Be there! And basically what I’m doing with this exhibit is letting San Antonio see what my friends from Denver are doing, since everybody has seen all the artists already that I would have picked from here. So I pulled together four of my old college buddies, said “Hey buddies, I want to bring some new talent to San Antonio, and you guys are the top of my list of favorite artists. in. the. world. Any of you fellows want a show?” And they were all like, “sure.” So here it is, a beautiful show of a group of some of my friends from Denver. New work from four people you’ve never heard of, but upon seeing the show, you probably won’t forget. (Because it’s awesome.) Hand-plucked. And why not show off my friends? It’s what every curator does. Come on; don’t deny it! See…but they don’t tell you that they’re showing off their buddies. At least I’m being truthful. You have, for once, nothing but honesty from a curator. Feels nice doesn’t it? This is a win-win situation! They get a great show in a progressive gallery; I get accolades and public attention. And, times being what they are, I don’t even have to bullshit around with talk about “meta-this” and “post-that”, and “pre-whatsits” and feelings and intentions and blah blah blah. (Though there are all of those things in this show. These guys – Harry C. Walter, Justin Beard, Travis Egedy, and Zane Carroll – they’re not dumb-dumbs. They all have degrees from the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design - that’s a fine school!) God… I heard this numb milquetoast of a man talking about his vision for the show he was curating the other day, on and on about the passion, and the merit, and the play of light…give me a break. Go feed a goat at a petting zoo, you maudlin putz. It’s still too warm in here…I…yes, yes…yes, no ice is fine. No-no-no-no. In the drink. In the tea. No. Yes. Thank you Jody…will you delete that bit about the… From the hurt little office of Jeremiah C. Teutsch *Dictated but not read.

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January“2010”info ±

opening: January 9, 2010

closing: February 8, 2010

FL!GHT opens the year with a show entitled 2010, featuring 20 artists, all given no boundaries or space limitations in the gallery, ensuring a conversation of unexpected outcomes within the viewing. The artists featured in this show include : Aaron Forland Beto Gonzales Andy Benavides Joe Delacruz Vanessa Centeno Kelly O'Connor Jeremiah Teutsch Sarah Stevens Thomas Cummins Kimberly Aubuchon Raygun Johns Jake Zollie Harper Jung Hee Mun Daniel Saldana Leslie Raymond Shaun Jarvis Kendra Curry Hills Snyder Chris Tracy Jason Jay Stevens Christine Catsifas

DecemberKendra Curry info ±

opening: December 12, 2009

closing: January 4, 2010

November“Welcome to the Gun Show”info ±

Ray Gun & Jake Harper

opening: November 14, 2009

closing: December 7, 2009

..if you have to ask, you'll never know.

OctoberChris Tracy info ±

“Black Magic Bar B Q”

opening: October 8, 2009

closing: November 9, 2009

SeptemberKim Bishop info ±

“Kim Bishop”

opening: September 12, 2009

closing: October 5, 2009

AugustTommy Gregory info ±

“Something, Superwhore”

opening: August 8, 2009

closing: September 7, 2009

July“enough to make it float.”info ±

Andy Benavides, Derek Brown, Kerri Coar, Jung Hee Mun & Daniel Saldana

opening: July 11, 2009

closing: August 6, 2009


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June“Singlets for a Practical Society”info ±

Jennifer Khoshbin, Paul Lewis, phil luna, Katie Pell & randy wallace

opening: June 13, 2009

closing: July 6, 2009

Singlets for a Practical Society For a detailed description of this exhibit, or for help with your current anguish, please call TOLL FREE 1-888-REFARM-1.

MayJohn Davis info ±

“suburban fragments”

opening: May 9, 2009

closing: June 9, 2009

John Davis' work is an investigation of adolescence, communication and spirituality. Coming from generic suburbia his work is largely inspired by the psychological effect of privilege to act as substitution for self. Material for his images come from everyday lowbrow sources : rock album covers, comics, puzzles, white out and other memorabilia.

AprilClare Little info ±

“Westward Expansion ”

opening: April 11, 2009

closing: May 4, 2009

My current work is based on the conflict between notions of “Manifest Destiny”, westward expansion, it’s impact on ecological well being and our own psychology. Most of the images are appropriated from advertising which was inspired by romantic military propaganda. Complemented by nostalgic landscapes and woodland creatures. I combine them in ways that subvert their original meaning and hopefully question our relationship to the landscape and by extension our global political and sociological environment.

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MarchEd Saavedra info ±

“all by myself ”

opening: March 17, 2009

closing: April 8, 2009

FL!GHT gallery proudly presents Ed Saavedra in "All By Myself." This one-person exhibition features work produced within the last twelve months at Saavedra's Lone Star Boulevard studio: paintings in the main gallery, and sculpture/assemblage/collage on one wall of the salon-style gallery he co-curates with founding director Justin Parr. Absent a neatly-packaged shtick, Saavedra avoids easy categorization by simultaneously experimenting on multiple projects and series. His art offers mere static glimpses - only the ends, artifacts, fossils - from a daily process concerned with purpose and progress rather than yesterday's finished product. Figurative painting (more realized, self-conscious, acrylic-on-canvas versions of the marker portraits Saavedra rendered as a toddler) remains the artist's primary compulsion, but assemblage and performance silliness provide trusty, diversionary outlets for spontaneous creative bursts. "His wild style incorporates mixed media, collaborative work and found objects. For instance, a pencil found at the Beverly Hills Hotel in California became a pivotal piece of his work 'Marker's Remorse #2.' And his singular sense of humor is apparent in the titles he chooses, such as his fertility goddess-esque creation: 'Our Lady of the Perpetual Taco-Money Hustle.'" --Jennifer Lloyd (210 SA) Saavedra's work has been enjoyed at Blue Star Contemporary Arts Center, Institute of Texan Cultures, L.A. Art Fest, Rhose Amarillo, StoneMetal Press, Galeria Ortiz Contemporary, and the late Cinematexas Short Film & Video Festival.

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FebruaryCrevice info ±

“Kiss My Crevice”

opening: February 14, 2009

closing: February 14, 2009

San Antonio underground music legends Crevice perform live for Valentine's day. ABOUT CREVICE: Long before their live debut in 1996, Crevice were obsessively toiling away in their studio, abusing their equipment to its limit in search of that perfect headphone trip. One hundred and fifteen instruments were used on their debut CD, Crevice, which has everything from giant Moog-monster insect soundtracks to super-chill acoustic panoramas. Two of the group's three members were working on outside soundtrack projects at the time, so it's no surprise that Crevice sounds more influenced by Apocalypse Now, The Shining, 2001, or Forbidden Planet than by any particular rock band. Yet, a rock band they are. The limited edition CD sold surprisingly well for such an odd recording and the band began getting attention from the underground psychedelic press in England, Germany and the U.S. The All Music Guide’s review of “Crevice” was typical in its mixture of puzzlement and satisfaction with the recording: “Crevice's self-titled debut consists of one 70-minute, untitled track, seamlessly shifting from one slice of strangeness to another. Maybe it was all one take, maybe a series of fragments or performances edited together, but the end result is good stuff indeed.” (Ned Raggett) The original 3-piece Crevice had intended to make their second album another all-studio project. Instead, now doubled in size, Crevice spent the following year playing live at various clubs, boxing rings, art galleries, warehouses, and experimental music festivals. During this period, Crevice’s shows developed a theatricality that verged on performance art. The shows were taped for use on their second album, CREVICE 2. The weirdness is definitely still there. The tripped-out atmospheres, synth-washes, oscillators, theremin, and disembodied voices, now joined by violins, cellos, saxes, flute (and a little help from Barry Manilow) come on like an orchestra from Mars. CREVICE 2 got coverage in the mainstream U.S. music press and the European underground + airplay on several progressive radio stations. Crevice 2 was followed by Think of Pleasant Things, a four part spacerock epic recorded live for the German psychedelic label, Get Happy!! The group also collaborated with the krautrock group S/T for their next Get Happy!! release, Ahtoon Eskaloon (available on vinyl only). Crevice’s last official release was Lullabies for Little Albert in 2002. Crevice members include and have included Bryan Stanchak, Jeff DeCuir, James Sidlo, Phillip Luna, Jessica DeCuir, Robert Jimenez, Greg Nelson, James Cobb, Steven Garcia, Boxcar Sanford, Rena Jones, Terry Stanton, Sunn Thomas, Gavin DeCuir, Mark Semmes and Joe Wallace.

JanuaryBeto Gonzales info ±

“Tru Hustla”

opening: January 10, 2009

closing: March 7, 2009

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DecemberThomas Cummins info ±

“you could even say it glows”

opening: December 13, 2008

closing: January 3, 2009

Thomas presents 3 new 200 megapixel lightbox images to the gallery. Heres his bio. Thomas Cummins is a photographer and painter whose work has been awarded and exhibited nationally as well as internationally. Thomas was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas where he graduated from Keystone high school. After being accepted into the University of Texas Architecture program, Thomas moved to Austin where he also studied Art History and Studio Art. During the course of his undergraduate studies, he was accepted to study art abroad at Central St. Martin’s College and Chelsea College of Art and Design in London, England as well as in Mexico at the Instituto Allende and Bellas Artes in San Miguel de Allende. He earned a B.A. as well as a B.F.A in Studio Art from the University of Texas at Austin while focusing mainly on Painting, Metals, and Printmaking. After obtaining his bachelor’s degrees, Thomas continued painting and graphic design in Chicago where he drew illustrations for ‘The Tap’ magazine. He was awarded a scholarship to the innovative graduate program at Maine College of Art which enabled him to work with local Chicago teachers while also studying in Portland, Maine with notable artists like Lelia Amalfitano, Vito Acconci, Suzanne Lacy, Hal Foster, and Dara Birnbaum. After receiving his Master of Fine Arts with a concentration in Photography and Critical Theory, Thomas returned to his hometown of San Antonio where he is currently working on a project supported by the Artist Foundation of San Antonio to create large-format lenticular 3D panoramic lightboxes of his nocturnal photography.

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NovemberEddie Ochoa info ±

“Eddie Ochoa”

opening: November 8, 2008

closing: November 30, 2008

you won't be let down. Show opens at 7 pm on Second Saturday Nov 8.

SeptemberRebecca Dietz info ±

“Witness Diary”

opening: September 4, 2008

closing: October 6, 2008

From the Press release : In "Witness Diary" a toy camera is turned loose upon the world, deconstructing landscapes to reveal basic building blocks sight. The act of photographing becomes a visual short hand, recording fleeting impressions of light, texture, and patterns in changing environments. Experiments with gesture cause buildings to collapse and textures to smear. Juxtaposed with still frames of clarity, they create odd mosaics of memory. In each piece the frames progress in the order they were shot. They are printed large scale in long scrolls, as if to return a false horizon to the fragmented landscape.

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JuneM.S. Jennings info ±


opening: June 14, 2008

closing: July 7, 2008

After I graduated I realized pretty quickly I didnt have any interest in going to grad school. My art at the time was generally abstract and I knew I couldnt keep going in the same direction without getting completely burned out. I decided to focus on playing music instead with the band I was in at the time, and spent the better part of the next 3 years playing drums. In early 2007 I started making art in the traditional sense again. My main interest was going back to the things that have always made me happy. My art in college was an attempt to be a "successful" artist, which was fine and I'm proud of a lot of that work, but I realize now its didn't make me entirely happy. The body of work that makes up Severed is a return to stuff from my adolescence that I loved. Shitty horror movies, skateboard art from the early 80's, punk rock, comic books, hand made fliers and crafts. I have taken that stuff that's always been floating around in my head and tried to incorporate it into new way of thinking about my art. Instead of worrying about the right way to do things or a measured level of success, I just try and stay busy with a project at all times. Whether it be a xeroxed zine of my drawings to distribute, traditional painting, or screen printing shirts and posters, it all ties into my body of work. The focus of Severed is a series of watercolor and ink portraits of various monsters and creatures. The show also includes a set of nine screen prints titled Hair Plague which will be collected in a hand sewn bag for purchase.The gallery will also be divided by a hand made 3D interactive "sculpture" scene pulling together all the aspects of the show.

MayShaun Jarvis info ±


opening: May 10, 2008

closing: June 2, 2008

New York City-based artist Shaun Jarvis’ show “ACID” at FL!GHT Gallery is his first one-man show in Texas. The exhibition consists of twenty photographs printed on perforated blotter paper, which is the type of paper traditionally used to distribute the psychedelic drug L.S.D. With the recent death of the inventor of L.S.D., Albert Hofmann, Jarvis’ photographs underlie the close connections that drug counter-cultures and art share in rejecting social norms and effectively expanding worldviews. In the same manner acid-laced photos were consumed to experience altered states, the viewer is similarly asked to absorb these images and open themselves to Jarvis’ world.

AprilMignon Harkrader info ±


opening: April 12, 2008

closing: May 5, 2008

Swellegant is a room-sized installation of paintings. Overt and suggestive carnivalesque imagery abounds in raucous color. Spreading in all directions, Swellegant is a comic diatribe, at once ironic and joyful. Mignon Harkrader bio brief Born: New Orleans, Louisiana 1958 Education: Pratt Institute, Brooklyn New York 1977 BFA- University of Texas, San Antonio 1997 MFA in Painting, University of Texas, San Antonio 2004 Exhibitions: Sala Diaz Blue Star Artspace Rose Amarillo Gallery San Antonio College University of Texas Satellite Space

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MarchEd Saavedra info ±

“13 new paintings”

opening: March 8, 2008

closing: April 4, 2008

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FebruaryClosed for construction + renewal info ±

“FL!GHT is expanding, See FL!GHT in March!”

opening: February 9, 2008

closing: March 1, 2008

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JanuaryBen Judson info ±


opening: January 12, 2008

closing: February 1, 2008

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December40+ Artists info ±


opening: December 8, 2007

closing: January 3, 2008

The dry goods room has Sneezed! ..imagine a boot with 40 different smells.

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NovemberSean VonMerveldt info ±

“new work”

opening: November 10, 2007

closing: November 30, 2007

New Oil Paintings / cut-outs on wood. Needs no introduction. San Antonio currently residing in Dallas, SeanVon is a graduate of the Silo culture down behind BlueStar and a fellow asbesticated victim of the Blue Star Art Silos.

October“Greetings from Mañanaland”info ±

opening: October 13, 2007

closing: November 3, 2007

This blockbuster group survey features new work from: Kimberly Aubuchon, Andy Benavides, Frank G. Bradfield, Derek Allen Brown, Bunnyphonic, Christine Catsifas, Vanessa Centeno, Joel "Turtle" Cruz, Joe DelaCruz, Marlys Dietrick, Aaron Forland, Beto Gonzales, Ray Gun, Ben Judson, Franco Mondini-Ruiz, Cruz Ortiz, Ryan Parker, Ed Saavedra, Chris Tracy, David "Shek" Vega, Sean Von Merveldt, Ryan Walker. Part of the South Flores Arts District's first S.M.A.R.T.fair (1-11p fair). 7-11p reception. Music: 2-3p Buttercup and 8:30-10pm Moth!F!GHT

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SeptemberBryan DelaGarza info ±

“Club Foot”

opening: September 8, 2007

closing: October 6, 2007


AugustVaago Weiland info ±

“Exist/Resist: Metamorphosis of Destruction”

opening: August 11, 2007

closing: September 3, 2007

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JulySpeed of Dark info ±

“Not So Steady State”

opening: July 14, 2007

closing: August 6, 2007

Sight / Sound / Installation wonderment from Montreal Canada. Collaborative group "The Speed of Dark," (made up of Patrick Visentin & Gerard Leckey) are going to transfer the FL!GHT Gallery into a realm we have yet to fully understand. Come experience it with us..

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June“Heady Vegan Rainbow Murder ”info ±

Aaron Forland & Sarah Stevens

opening: June 9, 2007

closing: July 9, 2007

explore the headyveganrainbow murder?

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MayMark Mothersbaugh info ±

“The Postcard Diaries of Mark Mothersbaugh”

opening: May 12, 2007

closing: June 1, 2007

www.mutatovisual.com for more info. Mark Mothersbaugh (of the band DEVO) brings his creative visual genius to FL!GHT Gallery in San Antonio for a one time only Texas Stop. FREE music by Hyperbubble. Free Refreshments from area restaraunts. Possible Celebrity Guest Appearances (not that we're into that stuff) all of the above + a REALLY good show. and its free? yea. 6:30 on Second SAturday MAy 12th. 1906 south flores. whip it.

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AprilChris Tracy info ±

“the best things in life are free (with purchase)”

opening: April 14, 2007

closing: May 7, 2007

new pen and ink / paintings image coming soon.

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March“love is...”info ±

Jason Gonzales & Robert Tatum

opening: March 10, 2007

closing: April 9, 2007

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FebruaryMarlys Dietrick info ±

“Survivors: those who continue or live after”

opening: February 10, 2007

closing: March 2, 2007

Pencil on paper.

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JanuaryDerek Brown info ±

“It's going to be a beautiful year.”

opening: January 13, 2007

closing: February 3, 2007

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DecemberSara Barcus info ±

“memories remedies & nightmares”

opening: December 9, 2006

closing: January 5, 2007

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NovemberCruz Ortiz info ±

“this is another song to billie holiday explaining to her how if i was lost would she still love me”

opening: November 11, 2006

closing: December 6, 2006

new drawings and sculpture by cruz ortiz

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OctoberRyan Parker info ±

“Roto-scope show, curated by Ryan Parker”

opening: October 14, 2006

closing: November 3, 2006

Ryan is based out of Austin TX, and just finished production on "A Scanner Darkly" (out now) as a lead animator.

September“remote fl!ght in nyc”info ±

opening: September 7, 2006

closing: September 16, 2006

Justin is taking part in the Rider Project in New York City. Part of his project is to build an enclosure in order to view other works by Texas Artists which will be located and moved around outside of a Rider Truck , every hour, on the hour. Fl!ght gallery in san antonio will be closed. Check www.art-anon.org for more info.

AugustJohn Mata info ±

“necessary illusions”

opening: August 12, 2006

closing: September 1, 2006

New Works, mixed media.

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July“The Road to Nowhere is infinite. (FL!GHT Gallery Grand Reopening)”info ±

opening: July 7, 2006

closing: August 4, 2006

This was a Huge Success. Thank you San Antonio.

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